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Tickle Your Bone Weekly Comedy Festival/Comedy Comeptition to the Death. The Final Round©®™6/6/2023

Tickle Your Bone Weekly Comedy Festival – 6/06/2023

Featuring these 7 HotShits:
No Cover, No Minimum. The show starts at 730, arrive by 7pm for a seat, as it has been Standing Room Only, …Full Bar and Menu,… it’s always Taco Tuesday with Karaoke after the Festival in the Main Bar with Papa T’s Darkside Karaoke. ***THIS SHOW WILL NOT BE LIVE STREAMED…THIS IS AN “LIVE ONLY EVENT”*** (The Live Stream will return Next week 6/13/2023)

June’s Resident Comedian:
Cierra Renee Miranda

Xazmin Garza - Stand-Up Comedian

Prepare to be captivated by the comedic brilliance of the remarkable Cierra Renee Miranda. Though she may be small in stature, her comedic prowess is nothing short of extraordinary. Hailing from the vibrant city of Phoenix, Arizona, Cierra has been setting the local comedy scene ablaze with her incisive punchlines since 2008.

With an uncanny ability to find hilarity in the most unexpected places, Cierra fearlessly delves into a wide range of subjects, effortlessly transforming the ordinary into uproarious comedy gold. From her clever observations on the peculiarities of public restrooms to her astute commentary on the everyday occurrences of office life, Cierra’s comedic repertoire knows no bounds.

Prepare to be entranced as this brilliant Latina comedian effortlessly weaves her quick-witted magic. Regardless of whether you’re fortunate enough to catch a brief glimpse of her talents or indulge in the full comedic experience for 45 minutes, Cierra’s uniquely whimsical and refreshingly cantankerous perspective on life, love, and happiness is guaranteed to leave you yearning for more. Get ready to be enchanted by Cierra’s magnetic stage presence and infectious laughter that will stay with you long after the curtain falls.

Instagram:  @cierrareneemiranda



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